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Cross Sectional Anatomy for CT and MRI
8 or 16 Hours Category A Credit
Debra Kendall, M.Ed, RT(R)(CV)(QM)(CT)
About this Seminar
Radiology has been developing dramatically during the past few years. With enhancements in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT), the role of the radiologic technologist has also been changing.
Skills in cross-sectional anatomy are important to help the technologist in MRI and CT to identify the anatomy being imaged and to communicate effectively with the radiologist and physicians.

This seminar is offered in your area to provide you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge of body cross-sectional anatomy and its appearance in CT and MRI images.
Educational Objectives
At the completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:
  • Identify cross-sectional anatomy in the sagittal, coronal and axial planes on CT and MR images.
  • Describe anatomical structural relationships.
  • Recognize normal anatomy and build a personal resource system for future study.
  • Locate and identify pertinent cerebral, upper thorax, midthorax, and abdominal anatomy.
  • On CT and MR images, identify anatomical structures of the body and of the head.
  • Distinguish between arterial and venous anatomy of the entire bodys vascular system.
  • Classify the various sections of anatomical regions and their associated parts.
Locations & Dates
Dates To Be Determined

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Who Should Attend
You should attend if you are a radiologic technologist currently working in CT and MRI or are interested in learning about these fields. Student technologists will also find this an effective way to learn about or expand their knowledge of body cross-sectional anatomy.
It would be appropriate for other health care professionals interested in improving their knowledge in this basic skill area.
About the Instructor
Debra A.Kendall M.Ed RT(R)(CV)(QA)(CT)

Debra holds a Masters Degree in Education with a specialty in Instructional Technology from Texas Technical University in Lubbock Texas. She has 30+ years experience in education, diagnostic radiology and computed tomography. Debra has been teaching cross-sectional anatomy for many years.
Seminar Credit
This program provides 8 hours each day of Category A continuing education credit for radiologic technologists. This course will also provide 6 credits per day for MDCB. A certificate of attendance will be provided for each individual upon completion of the seminar. All attendees must attend the entire seminar to receive full credit. Credit is awarded for radiologic technologists as ARRT Category A Credit approved by the ASRT, and credit from various licensure states.
Seminar Schedule
Day One - Anatomy of the Body
8:00 am Registration and Coffee
8:30 am Introduction to Sectional Anatomy and Terminology
  • Sectional planes
  • Anatomical relationships/terminology
  • Anatomy of the upper thorax
  • Surface anatomy relationships
  • Bony structures and muscles
  • Blood vessels
  • Divisions of the midthorax, heart and great vessels
  • Lungs, heart and great vessels
  • Esophagus
10:10 am Informal Discussion and Break
10:20 am CT/MRI Images of the Thorax
  • Normal and pathologic

  • Anatomy of the Abdomen
  • Major organs and their accessories
  • Abdominal blood vessels
12:00 noon Lunch - (on your own)
1:00 pm CT/MR Images of Abdomen
  • Normal and pathologic

  • Anatomy of the Pelvis
  • Bony structures and associated muscles
  • Digestive and urinary systems
2:40 pm Informal Discussion and Break
2:50 pm Reproductive Organs
CT/MR Images of the Male/Female Pelvis
  • Normal and pathologic
4:30 pm Adjourn
Day Two - Neuro Anatomy
8:00 am Registration and Coffee
8:30 am Introduction
  • Scan planes

  • Brain
  • Cerebral hemispheres
  • Sinuses
  • Ventricles
  • Brainstem and associated parts
10:20 am Informal Discussion and Break
10:30 am Brain (continued)
  • Arterial/venous systems
12:00 pm Lunch - (on your own)
1:00 pm Brain
  • Basil ganglia
  • Cranial nerves
1:40 pm Informal Discussion and Break
2:50 pm Spine
  • Vertebra and disc
  • Spinal cord and meninges

  • Neck
  • Arterial/venous systems
  • Muscles
  • Glands and pharnyx
4:30 pm Adjourn
*Schedule is subject to change.
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