Digital Radiography and PACS

Christi Carter
Beth Veale
Edition notes: 
2nd edition
Book Topic: 

Practical and comprehensive, Digital Radiography and PACS offers up-to-date coverage of the latest digital imaging systems, including computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), and PACS. Throughout, you'll find concise, step-by-step image acquisition guidelines, as well as detailed exposure guidelines and quality control practices to help you obtain the best possible radiographs.

  • Tips on acquiring, processing, and producing clear radiographic images using the latest digital radiographic technologies.
  • Working with CR/DR quality workstations, including advanced image processing and manipulation functions.
  • Complete coverage of PACS workstations, archiving solutions, and system architectures.
  • The most effective techniques for digitizing film, printing images, and preparing image files.
  • Comprehensive quality control and management guidelines for PACS, CR, and DR.
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