Netters Concise Radiologic Anatomy

Edward C. Weber
Joel A. Vilensky
Stephen W. Carmichael
Edition notes: 
2nd Edition
Book Topic: 

This new resource matches radiologic images-including advanced reconstructions-with the exquisite artwork of master medical illustrator Frank H. Netter, MD. Together, this powerful combination reveals the complexity of the human body with extreme clarity...for a more interesting and clinically meaningful learning experience!
*Presents anatomic drawings side-by-side with radiologic images (CT,MR, radiographic, and ultrasound) that best show how the anatomy illustrated in the drawing can be recognized in routine clinical imaging.

Features concise text enabling you to quickly and conveniently access the key anatomic and radiologic knowledge associated with the images and full-color illustrations.

Includes a brief description of basic radiology, along with the image reconstructions-and a list of common abbreviations to provide a foundation of knowledge for the images presented.

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