D. Lloyd Goff, Ph.D., DABMP

Davy Goff is the President of Medical & Radiation Physics, Inc., a medical physics service group serving all of South Texas, and an adjunct faculty member at UT Health San Antonio. He also serves on AAPM and ACR committees and is a past AAPM Board member. He is board certified in both Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging Physics. Dr. Goff has been a consulting physicist for 25 years and has seen mammography transition from pre-MQSA through the film, CR, FFDM and DBT eras. As part of a busy medical physics group, he and his colleagues see all kinds of imaging equipment from the very old or rare to the cutting edge and commonplace and they work with all kinds of facilities from small rural clinics to large hospital systems. He enjoys sharing that perspective and helping sites improve their programs in ways that make sense for each program’s scope and resources.