Dr. Edmond Knopp, MD

Hyperfine Senior Medical Director, Edmond “Eddie” Knopp, an internationally respected neuroradiologist with three decades of clinical care and research experience in radiology, neuroradiology, and MR imaging. Dr. Knopp is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field for his numerous accomplishments and thought leadership. Dr. Knopp is a senior member of the American Society of Neuroradiology and an American Board of Radiology examiner and sits on the editorial boards of many of the industry’s leading peer-reviewed publications. He was awarded the American Board of Radiology’s Lifetime Service Award in 2015. Dr. Knopp also serves as an advisor to the International Diagnostic Course Davos, which is the largest medical imaging training course in the world. He is the author of over 80 publications and has given hundreds of international and national presentations.

Dr. Knopp has over 29 years’ experience in academia and private practice, including serving on the faculty at the New York University School of Medicine for more than 20 years. While at NYU, Dr. Knopp held multiple roles, including Director of Neuroradiology, Director of MRI Education and most recently, Associate Chairman for Quality, Technology and Safety.