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January is National Mentoring Month

Most of us can recall a teacher or a friend who inspired and guided us in a way that may have changed the direction of our life. While we may not have realized it, they were our mentors. Mentoring is being honored in January not only for the value to the mentee but also for the reward felt by the mentor. Mentorship is considered to be of significant importance in this modern world. Even in this time of quarantine and isolation, mentoring is alive and well. MTMI, recognizing this value, has recently added a Mentorship Program to the popular Pathways to Leadership training series, which recently completed it’s inaugural program with 8 graduates. The Pathways to Leadership II Mentorship Program will avail these new leaders the opportunity to learn from the industry leaders the practical applications required to execute day to day departmental operations with great measurable outcomes. Experienced medical imaging mentors are paired up with those interested in becoming their best selves in our very complex world of medical imaging. This program will provide a wide variety of topics that can be customized to the participants needs.

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