Diagnostic Imaging Professionals often have an interest in the IT systems associated with their duties and wish to learn more about them. Imaging Informatics is the specialty where clinical... Read more

Ronald Gilbert, MS, RT(R), CIIP
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August 15. 2018
6-8 PM Central Time
Cheryl Seastrand, RT(R)(M)(BS) | Judy Chavez, RT(R)(M)(BS)RDMS | and 2 more
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Milwaukee, WI
Aug 17 - 18, 2018
Terri-Ann Gizienski, MD, MPH | Judy Chavez, RT(R)(M)(BS)RDMS
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Cincinnati, OH
Oct 5 - 6, 2018

This webinar will provide you with valuable information on why we need to understand cultural sensitivity and how to overcome barriers to provide quality patient care to our changing... Read more

Stacie Dagenais, MRT (R), CBI. B.Sc.
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