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MTMI Global Launches Training Initiative to Help Healthcare Workers Master Leading-Edge Image Sharing Technology

The Medical Technology Management Institute (MTMI), a division of The College of Health Care Professions, today announced a partnership with Nautilus Medical Technologies, developer of a cloud-based imaging sharing platform used by over a thousand healthcare providers nationwide. Through a series of new training programs, thousands of healthcare practitioners will learn the skills to utilize Nautilus' MatrixRay and TeleRay image exchange and transmission applications, which have become increasingly critical platforms as the field of medical imaging continues to advance.  

As the pace of innovation in radiology continues to accelerate, it is imperative that practitioners have access to training in emerging technologies that can improve their ability to deliver high-quality patient care. Nautilus helps medical professionals facilitate efficient, secure, and low-cost image exchanges, delivering high-quality, affordable images to patients. We are proud to be able to offer our students access to these critical programs that are changing the way the healthcare field stores and shares medical images.

Radiology and medical imaging have continued to expand rapidly in recent years, already over a $25 billion industry with an expected 23,400 additional radiologic and MRI technologist jobs by the year 2028.  Nautilus' technologies are designed to increase the portability and accessibility of medical imaging studies, saving medical providers thousands of dollars on traditional CD burning equipment.

"As hospitals and imaging labs continue to expand cloud-based ultrasound services, we must help healthcare workers access the tools and training needed to deploy the benefits of the new technology," said Tim Kelley, CEO of Nautilus Medical Technologies. "Through this partnership we can help frontline workers learn the skill-sets they need to make medical imaging sharing more secure while saving time and money that can be used for care."



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