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Med Tech Training Pioneer Opens New International Headquarters

MILWAUKEEJan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ 

The Medical Technology Management Institute (MTMI Global), an internationally recognized continuing education provider in the fields of medical imaging and healthcare technologies, today announced the opening of its new global headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Located in the Milwaukee County Research Park, a hub of innovation and medical activity in the region, the new center utilizes best-in-class technology to train, educate, and prepare medical imaging healthcare professionals both on-site and online, helping hospitals and healthcare employers close persistent talent gaps.

"As the field of medical imaging technology continues to accelerate, healthcare employers globally  are facing growing skill gaps – often with significant implications for patient care," said Jennifer Valenti, Breast Imaging Manager at Ascension Michigan – Providence Hospital. "We're committed to making sure our patients have access to the most sophisticated and effective equipment available. MTMI Global is our trusted go-to resource to stay ahead of the accelerating pace of change — and deliver the best available care." 

Healthcare jobs are in high demand across the country, with an expected 14% growth rate over the next decade — a rate much faster than other sectors, according to data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Meanwhile, advances in technology carry broad implications for the field, with the potential to create hundreds of billions of dollars in annual value. Over the past three decades, MTMI Global has established itself as a trailblazer within the intersection of medical imaging technology and growing jobs, serving over 150,000 students across over 7,000 programs for a wide range of professions, including technologists, mammographers, sonographers, medical physicists and physicians. In January, MTMI was acquired by The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP), which is the largest trainer of allied health professionals in Texas.

"As the need for qualified professionals in the healthcare industry continues to increase, MTMI Global's commitment to flexibility and multimodality is more important than ever to provide continuing education training for licensure requirements to professional students in the field of medical imaging "said Jon Patterson, president of CHCP Digital Services, Online & Medical Technology Management Institute. "The opening of this new international headquarters reflects our work to partner with employers from across the globe to deliver customized, on-demand skills education and training that meets the needs of each professional student."

In addition to their new headquarters in Milwaukee, MTMI Global also announced the opening of its new regional office in Houston, Texas, which will help the organization expand on its existing partnerships across the state (including Southwest General Hospital, One Step Diagnostic, HCA Medical Center, Houston Medical Imaging, and Gonzaba Medical Group).  To support its expansion in Texas, MTMI Global has brought on medical imaging technology veteran Tonya Brightmon, as the new Vice President of Partnership Development - Medical Imaging.  Brightmon most recently served as the imaging manager for Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center in Houston Texas and joins MTMI Global with nearly three decades of experience in direct patient care, clinical operations, radiology administration, and education.

"Tonya has seen firsthand how effective education is the bedrock of both high-quality healthcare and opportunities for employees to advance their careers in one of the country's fastest-growing fields," said Dr. Denise Lukasik-Sedmak, Executive Director of MTMI Global. "We are honored she is joining our team in Houston to advance MTMI Global's mission of delivering high-caliber medical imaging training services in the Texas market".

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