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Pioneering Medical Imaging Continuing Education Provider Welcomes New President During Unprecedented Demand for New Healthcare Technology

Medical Technology Management Institute hires health imaging veteran to support
growing demand for continuing education across healthcare fields

MILWAUKEE, WI--April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Medical Technology Management
Institute (MTMI Global), an internationally recognized continuing education provider for medical
imaging and healthcare technologies employees, today announced Jay Mazurowski, MS,
FAHRA, CRA as its new president. MTMI Global has seen increasing demand from frontline
healthcare workers to upskill as they continue to fight the pandemic.
“The past year has forced our healthcare system and its employees to respond to
unprecedented challenges that have required innovation and new technologies,” said Jon
Patterson, President, CHCP Digital Services, Online, and managing director of MTMI Global.
“Jay is a mission driven professional, bringing with him diverse experience and insight that can
help ensure we are meeting the changing demands of medical imaging education leaders,
physicists, physicians and biomedical professionals as they work to provide quality care using
the best technology and tools available.”
Jay most recently served as deputy executive director at AHRA: The Association for Medical
Imaging Management, a professional development program for international leaders in medical
imaging management, where he also served as president of the board of directors. He also
spent 15 years as the Director of Radiology Services for Concord Hospital and Concord Imaging
“Over the past three decades, I’ve seen first hand the dedication and resilience of our nation's
healthcare professionals.” said Jay Mazurowski, now President of MTMI. “Our nation is in need
of qualified healthcare professionals now more than ever. We intend to continue increasing
access to the resources and technology necessary to support them and their patients, by
providing flexible training in new and innovative modalities.”
MTMI Global continues to expand into new healthcare technology training, including biomedical
equipment technician training and offers online competency tests, virtual conferences and livestreams
seminar hybrids. During the pandemic, MTMI’s virtual seminar attendance has
increased by 300 percent.


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