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Deborah Wentler

Deborah has been a registered radiologic technologist for over 30 years and is registered in Computed Tomography, Mammography, and Quality Management. Deborah has a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Missouri State University with a minor in education. She works at the Breast Care Clinic at CoxHealth System as a quality control and mammography technologist for their multi-site clinics.  She educates new technologists learning mammography and creates CE approved education courses for the staff. .  In addition, Deborah works as an independent education consultant.  Deborah is excited to share what she has learned over her many years as a Mammographer.  She enjoys giving unique tips for the best quality images, best patient practices, and passion for the profession.  Her passion is contagious as she works with imaging professionals.  She strives to provide quality continuing education opportunities that will have an impact on future technologists.  Deborah is a member of the ARRT volunteer committee for the mammography registry.  Enjoying challenges and updates within the profession, she strives for the best she can give to this committee.  

Sub Title
B.S., RT(R), (CT)(M)(QM)

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