Eduardo D. Campuzano, BS, RT(R)(MR)(CT)

Eduardo D. Campuzano, BS, RT(R)(MR)(CT) Eduardo has over 20 years of MRI experience. He is currently an Advanced Clinical Education Specialist in the MRI Division at Siemens Healthineers. He was previously employed as the Clinical MRI Manager for the University of Miami, and has had previous experience as Chief MRI Technologist. He also has over 15 years experience as a Radiology/MRI Educator. His combined experience of Hospital, Outpatient, Mobile setting, knowledge of high field magnets, and low field magnets are an asset to this seminar. His areas of expertise include MRI Physics, Protocol Optimization and Advance MR Imaging. His experience, knowledge, and energy will allow the MRI intricacies to be explained in an easy format to understand.