Kathy DeGelder, BS

Kathy graduated from the State University of Cortland with a Bachelors in Science in 1979.  She worked for Eastman Kodak Company for many years as a Marketing Education Specialist, concentrating in mammography education.  She lectured primarily on mammography quality control nationwide for many years.  Kathy taught mammography quality control for the FDA for several years in the MQSA inspector training program.  She became a worldwide product manager for X-Rite, Inc. who is the primary manufacturer of mammography quality control instruments worldwide.   At X-rite, she continued her mammography education courses until starting her own company Achieving Quality Imaging (AQI) in 1995.   AQI conducted Initial Training in Mammography Courses as well as mammography education courses until merging with MTMI in September of 2013.  She is now the Director of Women's Imaging for MTMI and will continue to teach and participate in a variety of mammography education courses.