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Mary Stela Gallegos

Dr. Mary “Stela” Gallegos is founder and CEO of Zapp! Educational Services and has completed her doctorate in Leadership and Management – Health. With nearly 35 years of experience as a RT, she has worked in many areas of imaging.  Her experience includes not only diagnostic radiology and CT but has extensive experience in mammography and fluoroscopy.  She has also been an instructor for 20 years, teaching at community colleges, universities, and in the private sector. In 1996, she co-founded Quality Medical Imaging Consultants (QMIC) which provided CE seminars for radiology technologists. Her public speaking skills have afforded her the privilege to present at the AnnualCalifornia Society of Radiologic Technologists (CSRT) Convention. Dr. Gallegos’ advanced writing skills and creative literary style can be seen in each of her training courses. As the sole author for Zapp! Educational Services, she strives to incorporate innovative concepts and creative thinking in all CE courses.

Sub Title
EdD, RT(R)(M)

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