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MTMI Students come from around the world


MTMI courses are attended by many international students seeking high quality continuing education and training in medical imaging. We offer courses in MRI, CT, Mammography, PACS and many other modalities. Our programs are taught by experts with national reputations, who are ready to meet your educational needs.

You can join us in two ways.

Option 1

Live Webinar

You will experience the same course content and instructor as the on-site class. You’ll be able to ask questions and get a response in real time. Webinars save the cost of travel while getting a high quality MTMI education.

Option 2

On-site classroom

Attend in the MTMI Education Center in Milwaukee, WI, or in other locations through-out the US. You will be able to network with other students and meet the instructor face to face.

Register on our website with credit cards from anywhere in the world.
or Call 1-800-765-6864 - Attendance in the US requires a passport and proof of education.

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Accredited by: ASRT, SMRT, ACCME, CAMPEP, CBRN, BOC and more

Customer support

Let us help you with requirements, programs, clinical placements and ACR Re-Accreditation

Payment plans

Call 800-765-6864 to set up stress-free payments for select cross-training programs

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