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One of the biggest workplace challenges for mammographers is protecting their own musculoskeletal system from injuries during patient positioning.  Using the ergonomic tools and body mechanic techniques taught in this course, you can learn to protect yourself from workplace injuries.  Modern mammography equipment is designed with features to reduce mammographer strain.  Learn to take advantage of the equipment features of different machines.  You’ll also benefit from learning shoulder, neck and back stretches and core exercises to help prevent injury and relieve pain.  These exercises and stretches are designed for mammographers and beneficial for all technologists.

“The Mammography Ergonomics course is offered in two formats:  (1) live webinar and (2) on-demand.  Please note that the content is the same in both versions.  It is the same course whether you take it in the live webinar format, or on-demand.  You cannot claim both courses in the same biennium to meet your continuing education requirements.”


  • Introduction to Ergonomics
    • Understanding ergonomics and how it relates to health care
  • Understanding proper body mechanics
  • Ways your mammography unit can help you achieve better ergonomics.
    • Button locations
    • Multi-functionality foot pedals
    • Tube tilt options
    • Sliding face shields
    • Memory/homing buttons
  • Best and worst positioning moves for the technologist body during the CC and MLO views.  
    • The better choice for hand placement.
    • Flowing with your patient from one move to the next.
    • Remembering to squat, lunge or sit during the MLO view.
    • Feeling your way through some positioning, rather than seeing your way through.
  • Positioning difficult patients using proper body mechanics
  • Maximizing your overall health
    •  Overview of recommended shoulder, neck and back stretches for daily use.
    •  Shoulder, back and core exercise one can do to maintain pain free
  • Ergonomic Tips for a lasting career in mammography
  • Summary and Questions


Educational Objectives

  • Understand the importance of getting to know all the features your mammography machine offers for good body mechanics.
  • Understand the best positioning practices for good ergonomics and how to avoid the worst positioning practices. 
  • Describe shoulder, neck and back stretches a technologist can do daily to prevent pain.
  • Demonstrate shoulder, back and core exercises known for maintaining strength and preventing injury. 

How it Works:

  • Your On Demand CE activity that you purchased will be located in your “My Account” section once you log into the MTMI Website.
  • You have three attempts to pass each quiz.
  • You must earn a score of 75 % or higher.
  • Credit is recorded the day you submit and pass the quiz and is determined using Central time.
  • You have 30 days to complete and pass the quiz.
  • Once passed, access your MTMI “My Account” to print your “Certificate of Completion.”


Program Faculty

Meet your presenter(s)

Miranda M. Lyman-Hager

Miranda M. Lyman-Hager


Miranda became registered with the ARRT as a Radiologic Technologist in 1998 and specialized in Mammography in 1999. She spent the first 8 years working her way up from staff technologist to lead technologist before accepting a Clinic Manager Role with Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. in Lee’s Summit, Missouri in 2006. After 10 years in that role, Miranda took a leap of faith in 2017 and began working as an Independent Mammography Positioning Specialist and Educator. Most of her time was spent teaching for Medical Technology Management Institute (MTMI) on the Initial Mammography Training team as well as traveling the US to provide hands-on positioning workshops. Miranda also worked part-time as Corporate Supervisor in the Mammography Department at University Health, Kansas City, Mo where she collaborated with the Lead Interpreting Physician to ensure all breast imaging protocols, workflows, quality control, and quality assurance issues/concerns were addressed and managed per MQSA/ACR guidelines. In February of 2023, Miranda accepted the position of Director of Women’s Imaging Education at MTMI. In this role, Miranda oversees and manages the Women’s Imaging portfolio of courses and events. Miranda is passionate about women’s health education and continues to provide hands-on positioning workshops as well as teaches several MTMI programs such as Initial Mammography Training, Essential Skills for Quality Mammography, Conquering MQSA and ACR and many more CEU webinars.   


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