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Breast Ultrasound

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Breast Ultrasound 2

I would like you to know I went to Maryland to be tested last week for breast ultrasound certification by the American Society of Breast Surgeons in order for reimbursement approval. It was a rather hard exam, 1 1/2 hours long. I scored 91%. At least 1/4 of the exam was on physics. Your course absolutely prepared me for this exam. Thank you for your efforts.

Breast Ultrasound 1

Thank you so much for a great webinar series! The information provided and the examples given were very helpful in strengthening my understanding of breast imaging. Judy and Cheryl were great presenters and explained the content thoroughly and in a manner that was easy to understand.

Guide to Sonography: Types and Careers

Sonography quietly saves lives every single day. This medical imaging modality plays a pivotal role in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment planning across a range of medical specialties. In the world of sonography, every image tells a story, and every scan holds a key to better patient care. Whether tracking the progression of a disease or guiding a surgeon's hand with precision, medical sonographers are at the forefront of healthcare innovation.


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